After the disastrous first cycle S was given Clomid. 

I was concerned about it thinning her lining but was reassured that Estrace could fix that if need be. Frankly, I don’t like to break things just to have a reason to fix them but our RE was certain she wouldn’t have any issues. SIGH. Nobody listens to me!

S handled Clomid like a champ. Not one single side effect, not a one. She had 2-3 gorgeous follies and… wait for it.. a thin lining. Estrace was started but not before I threw a nasty look to our dear RE. He knew we were less than thrilled so he tried to win us back over with the promise of a  trigger shot so we wouldn’t miss O this time. Hey, thanks, that’s really big of you.

To the lab we went again. Still not great post thaw numbers. WTF??? I was sure it was the lab’s fault but they claim it was the banks bad samples. This one was better than the last and we had  at least one more follicle so I was hopeful.

This TWW was more tolerable. S put up with the pineapple, visualization techniques, POM juice and rather enjoyed my waiting on her hand and foot. We were issued another credit for the fish and optimistically said we wouldn’t need it until I tried.


This one hurt worst than the last one. S said she was a failure. That hurt me the most.

Next up, Tamoxifen!