SIGH… I just feel  like sighing, long and loud.

If the new fish and those very expensive eggs were going to meet they would have done so by now. Let me just say, because I have no problem bossing around the unborn or even the unconceived (yes, it’s my own special word), you all better have done your job in there.

S has been plagued by hideous hot flashes. She hasn’t really ever had any side effects so I think the impossible-to-cool heat came as a surprise. Tonight they tapered off and were replaced with extremely sore breasts. I shouldn’t laugh, but the poor thing could hardly cut her food at dinner. She said she would suffer through anything if it meant a baby was on the way.

Tonight’s news reported someone dumping a newborn in a trashcan and a another moron leaving his son in the car so he could go see a movie. I am usually a big believer in fate, destiny and things being as they should. I really do try to see the other side of things, put myself in their shoes.Tonight though, not so much. A perfect baby, in the trashcan? The freaking trash? A son crying in a locked car for hours so you can see Batman? It hurts me to the very bottom of my heart and on down to whatever is deeper than that.

My random PSA for the day: For those who are looking for a nice distraction, run to see Mamma Mia! You will be grinning from ear to ear. If you want an even better distraction, get the soundtrack and turn it up. Time flies when you are singing and dancing around the kitchen like a fool 🙂