We were having such a lovely night and then, BAM! Pink on  S’s tp. WTF? How can this be? It was awful to see S’s eyes well up.

AF isn’t due for a full week and I thought it was too late for implantation bleeding but Google, disagrees. S left a message for on-call guy but he has yet to call back. I guess panicky lesbians do not count as a true emergency.

Could it be low progesterone? A true implantation bleed? Really early AF? We are going to try to get her in for bloodwork tomorrow, just to check her P4. Dr. On-call had better call back. Iam so over that fucking clinic I could scream!

 This sucks so badly I cannot even tell you. I kind of want to throw up and I feel the tears coming.

This cycle cannot be over, it just can’t. S looked so scared and sad.

Please, please, please….

I am realistic – I expect miracles-Wayne Dyer