Today is our anniversary. We are celebrating by getting married again, legally, tonight!

We didn’t realize our Rabbi’s email had been lost until last nightso… only a few hours to prepare. I truly haven’t anything to wear and we will only have time to grab a good friend as our witness.

Honestly, we had the big wedding last year and I was miserable. I worried so much I made myself sick and look pinched and nervous in every photo. Tonight is just about us, renewing the promise and loving one another. No nerves, no fuss, just love.

Getting our license was such a joy this morning. There was a gay couple next to us and we all just stood there smiling at each other, equality will do that to you.

Happy Anniversary my beautiful wife. I love you and know all of our dreams will come true. There is no one on Earth I would rather share my life with. You are a gift.