I shouldn’t say this, it’s not nice, especially with Yom Kippur upon us. I can’t keep it in though. I will just add a few extra minutes to my fast to make up for it.

My MIL is a bitch, a big one. She is the sneaky kind though, the one where you think all is well and then, BAM!!!! Bitch unleashed, uncaged and hungry for blood.

She is passive aggressive, clingy and pathetic. She is childish, miserabale, negative and upsets S over and over again. Her own children can only stand her in small doses. I am just plain sick of smiling pretty, feeling sorry for her, making excuses and trying to make nice. Nothing ever changes so, in keeping with the year of change I promised myself…

Dear MIL, kiss my ass you miserable shrew. Love, H.

Okay, I am done venting now. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. (I swear I am not usually that mean. I have just had enough)

Your turn!

Care to share or confess anything today? Please don’t let me be the only mean one!

*Clicking publish before I chicken out and eat ice cream instead*