I have been stripped of my right to marry in my very own state. A state that allowed me to marry a mere 24 hours ago. I can’t marry someone I have already married. How is that even possible?

To have tasted the sweetness that is equality and then have it yanked away in hate is especially painful. Now I will always know what I am missing.

To add insult to injury I have been banned from marrying in two more states and banned from adopting/fostering in another.

Just a few hours ago my heart swelled with pride and I cried with joy at a nation making history. I was so proud of our progress. Hope soared into my heart and rested there for a glorious seven hours.

And now, now the tears come.

Oh, how it hurts, stings, humiliates and enrages me. I fear we will never recover what we have lost. I fear we haven’t come quite as far as I had hoped.

I just plain fear now.