For those of you keeping track, we have racked up four different donors and two different cryobanks. 

I live very close the one of the biggest and most popular cryobanks around. However, we have had nothing but awful numbers from them. We tried another one of the “famous” cryobanks the last two times with a much better result. The problem is, they are insanely expensive and when you add cross-country shipping to your order OUCH! Plus, our current donors fee went up by over a hundred dollars a vial. Double ouch!

Out of sheer desperation I searched the country for new cryobanks last night. Thank you G.o.o>g.le! Searching for new donors gave me a sense of purpose for an hour or two. It was like an anchor for my ever drifting hope.

I figured in all of America there had to be a good cryobank with decent numbers and reasonable shipping rates. ( Um, I can hear you laughing ) Well, I think I may have found one. Unfortunately, I have never heard of them before. I never name drop but I need some feedback. Has anyone every used or heard of

Is there a cryobank that you know and love and wouldn’t mind suggesting?

Worst case scenario, we stay with uber expensive shipping cryobank and just suck it up. At least we know they have decent post thaw numbers.

((Insert giant, loud sigh here))

S says that because we have struggled so much with her, that when it’s my turn, it will probably happen one, two, three. She had better be right.

There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream. ~Author Unknown