S’s meeting was called for 10:30, it’s coming up on 11:30 now.

If she was getting laid-off how long could that take? 90 seconds or so? “Thanks for coming to see us today. Unfortunately, we have mismanaged our money and lost all of our important contacts and therefore clients. We have run our company into the ground and can no longer afford to pay you. Happy Thanksgiving.”

No matter the news, I am dying for an update. The sooner we know what is happening, the sooner we can set to work getting things back in order.


S still has a job. Thank G-d!

It turns out that this meeting was called by the owner of the company to discuss how and why things got so bad. Apparently, very nice owner-lady has been extremely ill. She left the company in the care of S’s supervisor while she sought treatment. Well, said supervisor essentially destroyed the company. They are working to rebuild and she apologized to S for making her worry all weekend. Looks like the supervisor may be the one without a job soon.

S would still like to move to full-time with #2. But now she can take her time, do it on her terms, when she is ready.

All is not lost. I am so relieved and grateful.