Tuesday is our home visit, I am really nervous.

We turned the house upside down and inside out, we have locked everything lockable and scrubbed our already clean house twice. We planted new flowers in the pouring rain and checked every smoke and carbon monoxide detector we have.

They are very vague when telling you what is expected . They want the house safe and clean, those are very very relative though. I just hope we pass with flying colors.

Someone reminded me it’s not pass or fail, they give you corrections and come back. Well, if  they have to come back, I have failed, in my eyes.

I know there is no such thing as perfection, but please, please, let us come really close tomorrow.

S moved some of her appointments around so she could be here with me. Yay, my sweet wife knows how hard I am on myself. I will feel better if she is here.

In another news, yesterday was the one year anniversary of our first visit with the evil Dr. M. It’s amazing how much can happen in a year. We went to see him and handed him our hopes, dreams, trust and every penny we had. It makes my stomach turn.

I believe in karma though. I know he getting terrible feedback online ( without any help from me) and his reputation is falling apart. I hope he realizes how awful he is at this job and changes professions before he breaks anymore hearts. I also kind of hope his dreams are haunted by the women he betrayed with bad medicine and a huge ego.

No matter, we are back and more determined than ever to be mommies! Love makes a family and we have plenty of that to go around.

If you happen to have any extra vibes, prayers, or dust lying around I will gladly take it. I really want this visit to go well.