Well, we did it.We passed our inspection with flying colors! 

See, being a pain in the ass and worried sick does pay off?! We are licensed for two children ages 0-5. We will have the option to adopt in certain cases as well. After the completion of next weeks class we can be called at any time for a placement. It feels very surreal.

We literally bounced and jumped for joy once licensing left. We are so excited but a little overwhelmed too. We can expect a child from 0-5 and trying to prepare for all of those ages is kind of tough. I would love to rush out and buying everything but that is not an option right now.

There are stories about people getting called hours after their last class but it’s not likely. I know we have a little time to gather all things these children may need.

So, we are doing our best to prioritize. If a child showed up right this second what would we need to get us through the day or night until we could go shopping? Well, if you are asking me, we need everything LOL. I like to be prepared. But, in truth, we could manage with diapers, formula, bottles and some PJ’s for a few hours.

Here is where we stand on the gear front, please let me know if  I have left anything out.

We have our infant car seat but still need a convertible one for an older child or a second baby. We have our baby papasan which one of our kitties has decided is a fancy new bed for her to nap in.

We started buying diapers in assorted sizes. I want cloth but S is not having any of it. I am currently working on convincing her to get eco-friendly sposies at least. Our friends at T.ar.get have the Nature Babycare ones for a decent price along with the unscented/sensitive wipes. We still need a changing pad and cover for the dresser but could manage with the bed/floor if we had to.

We bought a few glass bottles, I won that battle, but I really would like the Adiri nursers or the Green 2 Grow wide neck. How I am going to convince her these are good choices is beyond me. She is being very weird and difficult about these purchases. I kind of figured if she is being weird about bottles I shouldn’t even mention the stunning bedding I told you all about a few weeks ago. For now some receiving blankets for swaddling should do the trick. At least I was able to get the crib sheet in the pretty sage green I like. Eventually it will go with my dream bedding. Shhh, don’t tell.

We started buying assorted formulas too. Small ready to pour bottles just to get us through a night or until we figure out what they have been drinking or can tolerate. I managed to get one bottle of organic in there without too much of a battle. Yay me! We also grabbed a few jars of baby food in each stage; fruits, veggies and greens, all organic.

We have a few outfits ranging from 0-18 months but need I think we need one of each in each gender and age range to be really prepared. We need a bathtub and a few hooded towels. She already gave me grief over the bath products but there is no way in hell I am dousing any child in parabens. If we use organic and paraben free, so will they. I do not care how much it costs. Sheesh! I will try to sneak those into a cart this weekend.

She is being tough, but I know its just nerves talking. Whenever a big change is on the horizon she picks the weirdest stuff to argue over, total defense/avoidance mechanism. I just know I have to wait it out and slow down. She is excited but afraid to get her hopes up too much. I get that.

My head is spinning. I can’t stop and let myself believe this could happen. I just keep making lists as if I were planning for someone else. I am too scared to let myself imagine the possibilities. I can’t even bring myself to open our travel system let alone install the carseat. I just can’t do it.

Maybe tomorrow.

We really haven’t told anyone we are doing this yet, just the moms for now. We will probably tell them after our last class and when we get our license in the mail. It’s our equivalent of waiting to tell until the second trimester. We are terrified of jinxing anything.

Please, please bring us a  baby to love and care for. I promise I will give my whole heart to him or her. I promise.