We graduated!

We are all official and do not have to do anything but wait for the phone to ring.

I think it’s safe to say that the first time it rings I will probably pee in my pants 🙂

S and I want a baby so badly it hurts. We did agree to older children too but it would be so nice to start with a baby. I guess it would feel a little more natural that way. Plus, we were given an obscene number of tiny baby outfits from a friend, I am hoping that is a sign.

For now we will just keep collecting baby gear and clothes in all sizes so we are prepared for anything. It’s very weird to have so many tiny clothes in our house. Just holding them brings on such a range of emotions, it’s really powerful. When it gets too heavy we joke that because we are so ready for a baby we will get a  four year old. No matter, I believe in fate and destiny and things being as they should, usually.

We haven’t told our families yet, they are big on parade raining and we were so happy last night. I guess we will today. I am steeling myself as I type.

Thank you for your support and cheer leading during this process. It has meant the world to me.