A  few of you asked me about placements and adoption. I am by no means an expert but here is what I know so far.

Some placements come to you and its almost a sure thing that they will be put up for adoption or are already at that point. S.a.f.e S.ur.ren.de.r babies, abandoned babies, frequent flier moms and a few other situations I don’t feel okay mentioning right now are almost always fast-tracked  for adoption.

Some come to you with parental visitation in place but it becomes pretty obvious really early on they won’t or can’t  follow through. Babies with special needs, parents who cannot get a handle on their addictions,  parents who stand to lose other children by “keeping” another often vanish early on. In fact, we are advised to bring a camera to our first visit and take pictures. If the parents do vanish or rights are terminated soon after we have those photos to show children whey they ask, and they all ask eventually I am told.

Some go back  home just to renter the system. A lot of parents work very hard to get their kids back and keep them, which is the goal.  I am not sure what the percentage is but I am told it is pretty high.

The adoption process cannot begin until a child has been with you for 6 months.

It’s all very sad and confusing and the waiting is excruciating, no matter what side of the situation you are on.

I am so tired of waiting.