Sometimes, very late at night, I allow myself to pretend shop online. I go stalk all the lovely things I think I need or want. I allow myself some fantasy time with overpriced baby items, things for the house etc. It’s my way of escaping the stress of the day.

Pitiful, I know.

Usually, I am well aware of how silly most of these items are. Unnecessary, impractical, even silly. I mentally admonish the people who truly believe they need all these things to be happy.Tonight though, oh dear. I am one of those people.

Many months ago I posted about finding special bedding for the crib. I thought I found something pretty, unique and not too expensive. I have been very happy with this set and planned to buy it in a few weeks when PBS moves into the nursery.

And then I saw this not to mention this and then this

Impractical? Check! Heinously expensive? Check! Divorce prompting? Check!

I clearly need to leave the house more often. I have lost my mind. For a full twenty minutes I stared at these….confections ( especially that first one!), actually contemplating, scheming, plotting, a way to make them mine Ahem, I mean PBS’.

Now I need all of you to tell me I have come undone. Tell me they are all ugly, pretentious, fussy, over-priced and just plain crazy. Tell me to block out the images from my mind and back away from G.%#o.*o.g.le

Ready, set, go!