LMC has come a long way with her speech issues but still struggles with a lot  of sounds. She also tends to leave out key words in sentences or  rearrange them in interesting ways.

An example: We are getting ready to go out to dinner with family. LMC is misbehaving and I tell her if  she cannot behave she cannot come.  She carries on for a bit and then settles down.  S takes PBS to the car and I start to lock the door.  LMC, thinking PBS and S are leaving without her, starts screaming, ” No! Eat me! Eat me! ” at the top of her lungs. I desperately try to correct her, “Yes, you are going to eat dinner” but the eat me continued for what seemed like an eternity.

I can only imagine what our neighbors must think.

We laughed the whole way there.

 This post was 100% inspired by my friend over at Our Growing Family http://2mommies2be.wordpress.com/. Her post had  me smiling and laughing bright and early today 🙂