I iz one. UGH.

The call came. We have to testify next week. I am really nervous and kind of want to run far far away.

Our mentor says this is an amazing opportunity and a compliment. She says she is so proud of how well we have represented the girls and that this is a huge compliment. I want to believe her but at this moment it feels like we are in a special kind of hell.

We are meeting with the attorney tomorrow to find out exactly what we need to do and provide them with as much info as we can.  I am so worried that we will go through all of this and still lose our girls. Oddly, in the middle of this fear I keep stopping to wonder what I should wear. Way to prioritize, LOL!

We now have a chance to speak in front of a judge which in very rare around here. I feel like LMC’s whole future rests on our testimony. Oh G-d, what if we fail her? 

If I haven’t used up all my T&P requests, I could use a shitload right about now, along with a side of grace under fire and some calm, cool and collected.