Note: I have no idea why I can’t write links today. For some reason  they keep coming out like gibberish. Excuse my old school, messy, long links.

I have been honored by one of my favorite people, E over at Our Growing Family (! She has a wonderful heart and is always there to lend support. She is in the midst of quite an adventure and I am hoping for wonderful things for her. Take a moment to read her blog and see why I think she is so special.

I want to recognize A over at The Ultimate Gift Despite her own heartache and grief she still takes the time to check in and leave lovely, supportive comments. I admire her strength and grace during such a difficult time. She is kind and honest and for that she is beautiful to me.

I would remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to another amazing woman and blogger. Blue from Bluedaisyus and the Firefly ( Blue is incredibly patient and kind, the kind of friend we all would be lucky to have IRL. She finds beauty in things the rest of us might walk right past and the pure, honest love she has for her wife and son melts my heart. Her posts make me take pause every day and be thankful for the small gifts, the quiet beauty, the simple things that are so easy to forget when things get tough.

Take a second to recognize your own beautiful bloggers. Grab the button, link to your favorite people and back to who nominated you if you choose.