Our sweet kitty passed away yesterday. She was only 4.

I am heartbroken and would do anything to bring her back. I loved her so much and wish I could have healed her. She was home with us, curled up in her bed. Her breathing was ragged but we don’t believe she was in pain. I told her it was okay to go. I told her we loved her and promised her a heaven of warm windowsills and staircases to race up and down. I promised her peace, health and an endless supply of treats.  

I saw her take her last breath. I planned to be peaceful and calm but when it happened I was overcome with shock and grief. I cried and begged S to bring her back. I threw up and shook my head no until it hurt.

My baby was beautiful, even in death she looked peaceful and regal. She was so sweet and had the silliest little quirks. I will never, ever forget her and a day won’t pass without me missing my sweet girl.

Rest in peace forever baby cat. You are forever in my heart.