I am in rare form today.

Today I watched the “baby” shows on T..L..C specifically to mock clueless parents and pregnants. Then, when I spotted adorable baby pics in my inbox, I responded without opening them and told the sender how cute they were. A short time after, when the octuplet birth was announced, I told S we needed to find that doctor and use him/her. After that, I let a random internet comment about someone else fostering hurt my feelings after which I cried to S that they would never give us a child.


I am now a bitch, a liar, insane and hypersensitive. Don’t you wish you knew me IRL now 🙂

I think I am just getting excited and anxious for the next step in the fostering process, our home visit. It’s a big hurdle, with a lot of details to nail, and I can be a perfectionist which would explain the nerves.

I also think I am a little sad that neither of our parents seem happy,excited or interested. It would be really nice to have them be a part of this. Perhaps when things get closer to being finalized? I will hope for that.

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support, encouragement and advice. I am so lucky to have found you.

I am going to sleep off the bitchy and will return full of sunshine and kindness soon.