New Password Tuesday, Jun 23 2009 

I haven’t been posting much, mostly out of fear. I have so much to tell you as this case moves along. I think a new password will help me feel better about sharing.

Sorry to be a pain. Please email me for the password to future protected posts.

FYI Sunday, Jun 14 2009 


Just in case you were wondering, B.ur.t’s B.ab.y Shampoo & Wash will in fact get poop out of your carpet.

True story.

That is all 🙂


Protected: Okay, I Believe You Now! Tuesday, Jun 9 2009 

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The Good Monday, Jun 8 2009 

I have been trying to finish this post for a week!

 I want so much to tell you all the good things about foster parenting. The first few weeks I was so overwhelmed with emotion I could only post the bad stuff, if at all.

S- S has been amazing. We have really found a great balance. We take turns sleeping in or taking a nap on the weekends and she is really supportive when when I am at my wits end. I feel so lucky to be married to her.

Our Mentor- She is one amazing woman. She has become a great friend and a huge source of support and encouragement. She checks on us all the time and has been kind enough to watch the girls twice so we could go out to lunch. I know that as this case moves ahead she will hold our hand though all the hearings etc.

LMC-She has really made a lot of progress. She is trying to speak a lot more and has shown a huge interest in potty training. She is usually very kind to her sister and likes to help. Her tantrums have gotten shorter and easier to stop and she listens so much better. I am very proud of her.

PBS- i can only describe this baby as heaven on a stick. She just brings joy to almost every second of the day. Like most drug addicted babies she is hitting her milestones very early. Rolling over before 10 weeks, sitting up, for small amounts of time, at 3 months and trying to crawl this week at not quite 4 months. She can hold her bottle, though I don’t encourage that, smiles and laughs and is learning to soothe herself so much better. We are so proud of her but a little sad that she is already getting so big.

Me- I am not perfect but I am managing a lot better these days. I am all about the schedule, which helps so much, and learning to pick my battles with LMC. I ask for help before I totally lose it and have learned to be more patient with the girls and myself.

Even during the ugly moments I feel so lucky to have these girls to love and share this experience with S. It really does change you, all for the better.